Hey, I'm Benedict. I'm a software developer based in Madison, Wisconsin.

I'm a cofounder of Arrows, the tool for high-touch customer onboardings.

I also maintain a somewhat old-school blog where I write about creativity, meaning, and business.

Previously I worked with clients both independently, and as a partner at No Small Things. Clients included small companies you've never heard of and large household names like Snapchat and Bleacher Report.

I was co-creator, and lead programmer of TumbleSeed, an indie video game released for Switch, Playstation 4, and PC in May 2017. It was an honorable mention in the 2017 Independent Games Festival, and was a selection at festivals such as SXSW, XOXO, and Indiecade. You can read more about it in places like The Guardian, and Wired.

Other projects include The Shakedown, a practical-joke-turned-app. TechCrunch wrote about it, which was funny. My first commercial indie game was Dudeski - an arcade game about skiing down a mountain. The New Yorker named it their iPhone game of the month. Before that I worked at a small software company in Chicago called FadingRed. I was a senior developer and product lead there. We worked on Mac and iOS apps like Senuti. Leading up to that I studied computer science at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.